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Thanatos.net @ LJ

Jack Mord
2 August 1910
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This blog will most likely consist entirely of vintage photographs. Comments are more than welcome and appreciated.
Unless noted, these scans are from photos in my personal collection and may not be used or duplicated in any way without my permission.

Living in Seattle, United States.

Thanatos.net : My massive archive of Victorian Era death and mourning photos.

Vintage Photography : Hundreds of vintage photos for sale or trade, including postmortem photography, daguerreotypes, and more.

Thanatos.net @ MySpace : Add me! I am a massive friend whore and will add you back no matter how boring and friendless you are!

Would you like to donate your old photos? Please send to:

The Thanatos Archive
PO BOX 82172
Kenmore, WA 98028